Success Reaches 1 Billion US Dollars, Disney Will Make Sequel Zootopia?

Disney again celebrated the success of the film that managed to reap billions of dollars. After being released three months ago, Zootopia finally can follow the achievements of Captain America: Civil War at the box office. This week, the animated film managed to achieve global revenues of more than 1 billion US dollars from world cinema. In its 17th week of release, Zootopia earned 337.2 million dollars from the American box office and 662.8 million US dollars from the international box office. With that income, Zootopia is now the fourth film to earn $ 1 billion, after Frozen (1.27 billion dollars), Minions (1.159 billion dollars) and Toy Story 3 (1.06 billion dollars). Zootopia also became the second best-selling film of the year 2016. The film is certainly very awaited by fans of Disney movies, for you will not likely miss a Zootopia movie that you can watch on

With the great success of this film, Howard also hopes Disney can give the green light to produce the sequel. “It makes it much easier to process it if the movie is so well liked.” We want to talk about what these subsequent characters are doing. “A sequel feels very likely,” said Howard. Taking back the metropolitan city of the animal world, Zootopia tells Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), the police rabbit who works with a fool of impostor Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), in solving the city’s case.