Camping Can Help People that Hard to Sleep

Camping is not only fun for those who love the natural atmosphere. Based on research published in the journal Current Biology, going camping once may help someone who is sleepless. Camping forces one to be away from the bright lights of life in the city. Dark conditions when camping is assessed can help a person to sleep early. Researchers say that one’s biological clock is influenced by exposure to light, the modern environment can damage the biological clock. Join Katy Summer camps, have fun and get the benefit!

Researcher Kenneth Wright of the University of Colorado says, by moving away from electric light for some time, can re-synchronize one’s biological clock. Research proves by measuring the levels of melatonin or sleep hormone participants who are camped and not, both in summer and in the cold. Researchers found that camping study participants had higher levels of melatonin. Those who camped in the summer, on average also slept 2.5 hours earlier than non-campers.

Looking at the results of the study, Wright suggests someone who has trouble sleeping to try to go camping at the weekend. However, Wright asserts, camping is not the only way to help someone who is sleepless. To overcome this, need to be balanced with a regular bedtime schedule, which is waking up early and start sleeping at the same time every day. Then, less light exposure at night. Get a light sleepless night to boost melatonin.

In addition, Camping with friends or family will bring emotional closeness to you and others. This is one of the most effective ways to strengthen relationships between friends. Another health benefit that you will get from camping activities is that you are increasingly eating foods rich in nutrients. Well, if with the many fun benefits of this camping make you excited, immediately invite your friends to camp this weekend!