The Simple Gym Equipment for bodybuilding

When you are going to the fitness centre, you will find a lot of tools which can be used to build your muscle and tendon. In fact, not of all equipment can be used to build your muscle. Basically, there are some fitness tool categories used in the fitness centre, and one of the famous fitness tool categories is free weight. Known as a free-weight due to the tools of this category are free from the rope, cable, and other accessories. Here is the simple fitness equipment for bodybuilding which can you use in doing MI40 workout program:

– Barbell
Who doesn’t know the barbell? This tool is certainly found in every fitness centre. The barbell is a long iron that has a size of 1.2 meters to 2.1 meters at its end mounted disc weights or weight plates. Doing workout with a barbell can be done by lifting the barbell with both hands. In the Olympics, it usually has a length of 2.1 meters and weighing 45 lbs or 20 kg which can withstand loads up to 800 lbs.

– Fitness Bench
One of the most common fitness equipment in a gym is the fitness bench. The bench is very flexible that help to train chest muscle, muscle back, shoulders, etc. There are three types of bench among others; they are flat bench, decline bench, and uphill bench. Some types of fitness benches also have a rack that is can be used to hold the barbell. The other types of benches do not have shelves and usually used to do exercise with a dumbbell.

By using the two simple fitness tools above, you can do workout simple whether you want to tighten the abdomen muscle, arm, chest, and so on. Interestingly the two simple fitness tools above is extremely affordable which you can have in your home and do the workout at your home. If you want to do the workout in your home, you can use MI40 workout program.