Gain Symmetry On Face By Rhinoplasty

Being beautiful is every woman’s dream. Undeniably, from various parts of the face, the nose is one of the components that determine a person look attractive or otherwise. Aquiline nose is believed to create a more attractive appearance. it used to repair a nose (rhinoplasty) is synonymous with cosmetic surgery procedures that require a fairly long recovery time and sometimes leave scars so that the patient’s activity will be disrupted for some time. But along with the development, demand for non-surgical utah rhinoplasty and noninvasive increasing, people need procedures that deliver real results with minimal side effects.

Rhinoplasty surgery is able to deliver dramatic results, but not all patients require dramatic changes. Ideal nose is a nose that is proportional to the person’s face shape, balanced with other facial parts, namely the chin, upper lip and lower lip, not just sharp. There are times when the correction is only needed in the trunk area or just turn down the nostrils. Therefore consultation before action is needed. Because the nose is the central component of the face. Asymmetry or overcorrection on the nose it can interfere with performance. Nose correction requires prudence and understanding of the structure of the nose, and the sense of art in order to form the nose remains impressed natural, not overdone, and in accordance with the character of the patient’s face.

One alternative to sharp nose without surgery is to undergo the procedure of nose augmentation by injection filler. The filler is a technique of injecting hyaluronic acid (HA) to the bottom layer of the skin to add volume and tighten the skin. Hyaluronic acid itself already exists in our bodies, but the number was limited. The filler is the ideal non-permanent filler that does not cause an allergic reaction, do not cause inflammation, can be absorbed by the body and give it a natural look. Although practically nonpermanent filler and without pain, do not last a lifetime as plastic surgery, generally last 6-12 months. HA is injected will blend with the natural HA in the nose and over time completely absorbed by the body.