Medication Problem

Currently, the development of health in the world increasingly rapidly. Fast in terms of science and people’s perception. Medical science is not a static science, so reasonable every year there is something new in the world of medicine and health. While the public perception and enthusiasm for health has increased significantly. Unfortunately this is not supported by the improved service and the quality of the medical team. Here is one of the things that matter to the community when they use health services:

This is common and not a good thing. Hospitals, Clinics, or busy doctors practice, often ignore this little thing. The queue time for consultation to a particular doctor, very long. Can be 30 minutes, 1 hour even up to 3 hours. If you find this out, you can only be annoyed, complained, or sulky. If this is in an institution such as a Bank, a Hotel, which is equally engaged in services or services, you may immediately move to another Bank or Hotel. But for the Hospital or Clinic, you can not do it, because almost all have the same standards. Equally bad.

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